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The Plupp for Easyrig

320.00 SEK

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The idea with The Plupp is that it's easier to take down the "quick release camera hook" on your Easyrig. I made it in a size so you f.e. can work with big winter gloves.

It’s two different PLUPPs... OPEN

That you can apply and remove at every job. Good for when you're hiring  the Easyrig. 

...and one CLOSED

If you have your own Easyrig and want to put it on permanently.

The Plupp are 3D Printed when ordered.

39,3mm x 39,2mm x 30,0mm
Material: Onyx, Black

The First 3 picture are 3D models.

Small film with the Plupp

More info and pictures at our Instagram: the.plupp

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